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Archive: June, 2015


Happier workflow. Pushing files from XAMPP to EC2 Server.

A really quick tip on how to push development files to a live server. In this article I’ll cover working with XAMPP and our live EC2 Amazon Server.

Posted on June 26th 2015  //  Filed under: Web Development


Parental Guidance. CSS3 alternating row colours

Learn how to effectively use the nth-of-type selector for elements with common parent elements.

Posted on June 16th 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development


Polylang. The new favourite for multilingual WordPress?

A few months back, I decided to try out a multilingual plugin which was compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. I found Polylang and I’ve never looked back. Read my review!

Posted on June 10th 2015  //  Filed under: Web Development


Increase maximum file upload size in WordPress

It seems this is a problem many Wordpress users & developers encounter. I’ve put together a really quick top tip for full-stack developers.

Posted on June 9th 2015  //  Filed under: Web Development


Into the Dragon’s Den

I’ve signed up to online freelancer site People Per Hour in an effort to gain more freelance contracts.

Posted on June 5th 2015  //  Filed under: Uncategorized


Aesthetic & functional updates

I’ve made a few aesthetic and functional changes to my blog and wanted to share them with you! I’ll go through the new features and how I’ve made my content more engaging for end users.

Posted on June 2nd 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development