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Archive: November, 2015


Finding a compromise with Twitter API location data

I’ve recently been working the Twitter API, specifically with location information. In this blog, I discuss building a compromise using Javascript to get some reasonable location data.

Posted on November 24th 2015  //  Filed under: Web Development


Weekly Highlight #7 – Hash

I’ve been busy experimenting with the Twitter API a lot lately. As I started to get a bit skeptical of its limitations I came across this weeks weekly highlight winner Hash and my faith was restored!

Posted on November 6th 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Vintage photographs with CSS3 beveled corners

I’ve written a quick tutorial on a great way to display photographs on the web. This could be in a gallery, pulling through images via an API and so on. I hope you enjoy it!

Posted on November 2nd 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development