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A few website updates

Posted on February 20th 2016  //  Filed under: Design, General, Web Development

I’ve been trying to work on my website design skills recently. I decided to take a look at my website and see if there were things I wasn’t quite happy with design-wise. Its a rainy Saturday afternoon in Wales, we have to pass the time somehow!

I’m going through each of the functionality and design website updates to explain my thought process behind them. I hope it makes for an interesting read!

Body text

First and foremost, I started to resent the small body text. Particularly as I’m blogging more often, I noticed it was rather small for a modern website. I’ve increased from 14px to 16px and reduced the font-weight to 300. Its fresher, clearer and reads nicely. I wouldn’t mind if someone with a retina display could tell me if it washes out slightly?

Contact boxes

Everything didn’t quite match up size-wise on the whole site. I had a big portfolio grid section and then small contact boxes. I felt a website update to this essential information was necessary. I increased the icon size and size of the text to draw more attention to my contact details.



Adding features to my blog was my main priority of my mini website update. I wanted to tidy up the aforementioned fonts and body text, add a ‘live’ element to my blog and tidy up the sidebar.

I’ve added a twitter feed in, pulling through my latest tweets. I tweet about everything both professional and personal and felt this would a nice personal touch to an already personal, web dev based blog.

I also tidied up the existing sidebar items by separating them out into individual boxes, removing the blog count in the archive and adding some fun icons to highlight the different sections. Overall, this gave me a much tidier look on the blog and again, added a live element.


A few other things

Some of the other things I did during my website update was to refactor some of the text to make it more punchy. I added slightly more in the ‘About’ section to give a wider look at me, myself and I and I shortened the ‘Services’ section along with updating the icons that represented each service.


Room for improvement

I’m not crazy about the twitter feed design. I may take another look at this but the functionality is in place and it gives me my desired live element. For any of you design folk out there looking to kill two minutes, I’d love a suggestion on how to improve this!

Get in touch

I’d love to know what you think of my small website updates. Overall, I think its given a fresher, cleaner look and ties in with the existing modern theme. As always, please get in touch via twitter or email me.