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A few website updates

I took some time on this rainy Saturday afternoon to do some website updates on my site. I’m sharing my thought process with you behind each decision.

Posted on February 20th 2016  //  Filed under: Design, General, Web Development


A quick look at ‘Moments’ on the twitter app

I’m taking a lightning look at the new ‘Moments’ feature, specifically focussing on the mobile app.

Posted on January 21st 2016  //  Filed under: Design, General


Vintage photographs with CSS3 beveled corners

I’ve written a quick tutorial on a great way to display photographs on the web. This could be in a gallery, pulling through images via an API and so on. I hope you enjoy it!

Posted on November 2nd 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development


Introducing – Weekly Highlights

I’m always looking around the web for inspiration. I’m starting a series of weekly highlights to pay homage to what I consider examples of great practice and innovative functionality.

Posted on September 25th 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development, Weekly Highlights


Building attractive lists using CSS3 & Font Awesome

I’m writing about a really easy, awesome way to add some personality to your web lists with a minimal CSS3 footprint too!

Posted on July 29th 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development


Parental Guidance. CSS3 alternating row colours

Learn how to effectively use the nth-of-type selector for elements with common parent elements.

Posted on June 16th 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development


Aesthetic & functional updates

I’ve made a few aesthetic and functional changes to my blog and wanted to share them with you! I’ll go through the new features and how I’ve made my content more engaging for end users.

Posted on June 2nd 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development