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A few website updates

I took some time on this rainy Saturday afternoon to do some website updates on my site. I’m sharing my thought process with you behind each decision.

Posted on February 20th 2016  //  Filed under: Design, General, Web Development


My essential plugins for Atom Editor

These are my essential plugins when using the Atom Editor by the good folks at Github!

Posted on February 16th 2016  //  Filed under: General, Web Development


A quick look at ‘Moments’ on the twitter app

I’m taking a lightning look at the new ‘Moments’ feature, specifically focussing on the mobile app.

Posted on January 21st 2016  //  Filed under: Design, General

Website relaunch, rebrand and beyond

I built a completely new website, complete with a blog, as part of launching my freelance services!

Posted on April 28th 2015  //  Filed under: General, Web Development

Hello world!

My first ever blog post on my own website! Saying hello to the world wide web!

Posted on February 18th 2015  //  Filed under: General