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Weekly Highlight #7 – Hash

I’ve been busy experimenting with the Twitter API a lot lately. As I started to get a bit skeptical of its limitations I came across this weeks weekly highlight winner Hash and my faith was restored!

Posted on November 6th 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlight #6 – Eisteddfod Website

This week’s Weekly Highlight winner is the website for the Eisteddfod festival in Wales. It boasts and awesome ethos and colour palette and its a worthy winner!

Posted on October 30th 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlight #5 – Atom Text Editor

I started to look for a new, powerful alternative to Sublime Text and stumbled across Atom. Now, I can’t think of using anything else! This is my quick review of the Atom Editor and some of its capabilities and why its this weeks Weekly Highlight winner.

Posted on October 23rd 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlight #4 – Ionic Lab

My weekly highlight number four is awarded to the good folks at Ionic for their amazing Ionic Lab app and how it quickly got me addicted to HTML5 mobile app development.

Posted on October 16th 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlight #3 – LexCorp Viral Marketing Website

Superman and its mythology are one of my favourite things of all time. This week’s Weekly Highlight is the viral marketing campaign involving a kick-ass marketing website!

Posted on October 9th 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlight #2 – LightCMS’s marketing theme

My Weekly Highlight this week is the marketing theme of LightCMS. I’ve recently started work on a private project which I hope will need a marketing theme! Here’s why I loved LightCMS’s.

Posted on October 2nd 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Weekly Highlight #1 – SiDigital’s Contact Page

Si Digital are a digital and marketing agency based in South Sea. My first weekly highlight is awarded to them for their awesome contact page design and functionality.

Posted on September 25th 2015  //  Filed under: Weekly Highlights


Introducing – Weekly Highlights

I’m always looking around the web for inspiration. I’m starting a series of weekly highlights to pay homage to what I consider examples of great practice and innovative functionality.

Posted on September 25th 2015  //  Filed under: Design, Web Development, Weekly Highlights