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Dynamic credentials for local and live environments in PHP

My ideal workflow is to work on my local copy and push to a live version. Here’s a quick PHP tip to save yourself time changing those pesky database credentials!

Posted on May 18th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


Toolset Types WordPress Plugin

This is my review of the Toolset Types WordPress plugin that I use on a daily basis. Custom post types in WordPress are an essential accessory to a successful project.

Posted on April 12th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


jQuery XML and PHP web service

I’ve always enjoyed working with front-end and back-end technologies. I’m showing you how to get started marrying the two together using jQuery XML and a PHP web service.

Posted on March 29th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


Controlling content. Best practices in PHP

A really quick PHP tip to remind me in future and for your reading pleasure. I’m going over an example of best practice using PHP to pull through WordPress content.

Posted on March 22nd 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


Facebook Graph API

I started to play around with Facebook Graph API in an attempt to offer a fuller, flexible social media offering for my website solutions.

Posted on March 11th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


Handling data from date picker fields in WordPress

Its always desirable to provide your client with the friendliest user interface possible for their CMS. I’m looking into handling the data returned by the WP Types date-picker field.

Posted on March 8th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


A few website updates

I took some time on this rainy Saturday afternoon to do some website updates on my site. I’m sharing my thought process with you behind each decision.

Posted on February 20th 2016  //  Filed under: Design, General, Web Development


My essential plugins for Atom Editor

These are my essential plugins when using the Atom Editor by the good folks at Github!

Posted on February 16th 2016  //  Filed under: General, Web Development


Modifying twitter avatar size using jQuery

Increase the impact of your twitter feed by populating your live tweets with larger twitter avatar sizes.

Posted on January 25th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development


Always learning. WordPress conflicts with pages and posts.

I spent near enough to an hour trying to figure out a bug where a featured image in Wordpress wouldn’t display on a post I had written. I’m sharing my experience in case you ever encounter the same.

Posted on January 19th 2016  //  Filed under: Web Development